All that effort and desire: Kate Power

All that effort and desire: Kate Power


You’re Telling Me, video still, 1.17min single channel video, 2014

In all that effort and desire Kate Power considers unspoken subtle moments in human interactions, focusing on seemingly insignificant everyday exchanges between people. Noticing them can give more insight into other people and human connections than the continual and sometimes operatic chatter that often occurs in social situations. Observing that people are often performing identity in order to fit with societal structures, her forms suggest an inflated performance, self-aggrandisement, unconscious desires, and the humour of attempting to relate to others.

Kate Power is sculpture and installation artist based in Adelaide. She recently graduated with first class Honours from the South Australian School of Art. She has been awarded the Constance Gordon-Johnson Sculpture and Installation Prize. Power has exhibited at FELTspace (SA); Light Square Gallery (SA); Tooth and Nail (SA); Format (SA); Sydney Contemporary Art fair (NSW); and Seedling Art Space (SA). She is a co-Director at FELTspace and co-founder of Axe House Studios.

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