eDuard Helmbold – Echoes of Ancient Sorrows

19/5/19 – 16/6/19

This is perhaps better called an artist’s ramble than statement since ‘ramble’ not only suits the loose hanging concepts, questions and look-ins you’re about to encounter – but it also speaks to the nature of Echoes of Ancient Sorrows. Initially titled ‘Laboratory of Perverse Laws’ this show is the culmination of conceptual and material experimentation in my ongoing sampling and misreading of N.P van Wyk Louw’s poem-epic ‘Raka’.

Below is a visual essay that gives an introduction, expansion and misleading into “Echoes of Ancient Sorrows”

Echoes of Ancient Sorrows

eDuard (b. Johannesburg, South Africa) moves between sculpture and performance to materialize his concepts. Using casting as method and metaphor he is currently exploring the role of nostalgia and shame in the negotiation and production of cultural identities: identities cast into molds of memory, language and landscape. For eDuard nostalgia and shame are distilled into a childhood text he grew up with; the Afrikaans poem-epic Raka (N.P van Wyk Louw – 1941).

eDuard has participated in international residencies in New York (Arts Letters and Numbers) and Indiana (Indy Convergence) and has been awarded the Constance Gordon Johnson Prize for Sculpture and Installation (2016), President of the Friends of the South Australian School of Art Prize (2016), Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society prize (2017), the City Rural Helpmann Academy Travel Award (2018) and the Bendigo Adelaide Bank Award (2018).
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