End of the World

End of the World

November 25th – December 21st 2012
Opening November 25th at 6:00pm
Closing Party December 21st 6:00pm

I have been thinking about the end of the world for a while now. Apparently, according to the Mayans, it’s all coming to a close on the 21st of December this year. At least its happening on a Friday! I have become intrigued by the idea of putting on a show that celebrates the end of the world; it’s the perfect time to have a big Exhibition that embraces the ethos of, ‘you may as well say what you really want to say…….the world is ending OR ‘you may as well make what you really want to make…….BN

End of The World Flyer (front)

Talitha Kennedy, Mary-Jean Richardson, Matthew Bradley, Chloe Langford, Morgan Allender, Lara Torr, Peter Torr, Troy-Anthony Baylis, Anna Horne, Justin Hermes, Steven Carson, Sera Waters, Ben Leslie, Julia Robinson, James Dodd, Elvis Richardson, Julie Henderson, Brigid Noone, Andrew Dearman, Amy Joy Watson, Maarten Daudeij, Madison Bycroft, Tom Squires.

Essay by Clara Sankey.
Also launching Tarp Space at the opening party on Sunday the 25th at 6pm

End of The World Flyer (back)

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