Fontanelle Gallery Exterior


Our vision is to maintain an independent creative hub that sustains an innovative contemporary visual arts culture that engages not only locally but also nationally and internationally. We provide a program that promotes excellence in the visual arts by activating our own studio community, by facilitating an interactive exhibition model and engaging with the community through artist lead workshops and public art projects.


Fontanelle was founded at our Bowden site in 2012, and grew to be a groundbreaking contemporary gallery and artist studios. This project included renovating and remodeling a large industrial building to create 2 galleries, studio spaces for 26 artists, a workshop and construction space.


In 2017 Fontanelle launched its new gallery, studio & workshop space in the heart of Port Adelaide. With this new expansion Fontanelle Gallery and Studios is committed to growing our gallery and studio model by maintaining a creative hub at the historic Port Adelaide Post Office site with a new partnership with the Port Adelaide Enfield City Council. Fontanelleā€™s new location includes a large contemporary gallery space for exhibitions, 14 professional artist studios, a fully equipped community workshop space, a fabrication workshop area and a multiple-use event space/laneway for social offerings such as performance and music events.


Fontanelle is managed by Plan B Art Projects, a not for profit incorporated association. Director Brigid Noone manages theĀ development of the space and its projects. Together with a hands-on artist-run community, gallery interns and volunteers Fontanelle has successfully created a new model of gallery and studios that positively contributes to the cultural landscape in South Australia.


By exploring the intersections and tensions of independent and collective practice (how to balance being an individual artist and fostering a collective) Fontanelle is embracing a broader need for maintaining an independent community that supports artists while simultaneously providing a space for making and connecting outwards.



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