Vision Statement:
Our vision is to establish a creative hub that sustains an innovative contemporary visual arts culture. We aim to provide a program that promotes excellence in the visual arts by activating our own studio community, by facilitating an interactive exhibition model and engaging with the community through artist lead workshops and public art projects.

Fontanelle Gallery Exterior

Fontanelle Gallery Exterior

Aims and objectives:
To provide a space to exhibit and promote high quality contemporary art in South Australia.
To provide a supportive and active environment for visual artists that includes studio and exhibition spaces.
To promote and encourage contemporary art in the wider general community.
To engage the general public by offering art workshops for educational and recreational purposes.
To facilitate dialogue between the South Australian visual arts community and the general public.

Brief history:
Fontanelle is a contemporary arts organisation that opened in April 2012. It provides an incubator for South Australian emerging, mid-career and established artists, curators and writers to work, take risks, engage in dialogue and debate, and exhibit. Fontanelle is managed by Plan B Art Projects, a not for profit incorporated association established in 2011. Setting up Fontanelle has been a two-year process; Director Brigid Noone brought together a hands-on artist run committee, including Ben Leslie, Mary-Jean Richardson along with gallery interns and volunteers. The committee is actively involved in the planning, development and management of the space and its projects, the gallery program and operations are managed and curated by Brigid Noone and Ben Leslie. Fontanelle has had significant in-kind and financial support from Renewal SA (previously the Urban Renewal Authority) who has provided the building at a subsidised rent in order to support the development of the Bowden area as a new, progressive and vibrant community in a semi-industrial inner city suburb.

Fontanelle Gallery & Studios:
Fontanelle is a unique site that houses two galleries, a technical workshop, installation area, and a dedicated space for artist-led workshops and lectures. Fontanelle operates as a valuable resource for South Australian artists and the wider community.

Fontanelle Workshops:
Fontanelle is committed to community engagement through its open attitude to the exchange of ideas. It offers artist led workshops along with an exhibition program that pushes the boundaries of access to contemporary art.

Where we fit in the cultural landscape:
Fontanelle is positioned as an innovative and unique independent model for Adelaide, by providing creative and practical support for its artists, through an inclusive studio community along with a gallery program that challenges existing gallery modes. Fontanelle situates itself as a creative hub that embraces exchange within our organistion. By curating and presenting innovative exhibitions, Fontanelle seeks to offer contemporary visual art of a high standard that is rigorous, open and accessible. Fontanelle is committed to supporting emerging, mid career and established artists through the presentation of contemporary visual art of high artistic merit in an environment where play and experimentation is encouraged. Through an open attitude we welcome all visitors to the gallery and are actively engaging with the community through artist lead workshops, forums and public art projects.

We are so pleased to have secured a short-term lease that affords the time to make the most of the space and enjoy our position in a developing community and exciting atmosphere. We are delighted to have the opportunity to further grow Fonatnelle as a unique model for Adelaide.


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