25/2/17 – 9/4/17

A mothership, is a large vehicle that leads, serves, or carries other smaller vehicles.

Fontanelle launches its new gallery, studio & workshop space in the heart of Port Adelaide with the Group exhibition, Mother Ship, featuring the work of Amy Joy Watson, Anna Horne, Ben Leslie, Anna Horne, Christian Lock, Brigid Noone, Kate Power, Mary-Jean Richardson and Sam Songailo.

Mothership highlights our need to support one another within the bigger concept of Fontanelle (being a Fontanelle studio member and belonging to a network of artists) while celebrating Fontanelle’s tangible love for ‘the stuff of making’. Mothership is essentially a vessel for our connection with painting & sculpture (never intending to exclude other forms) but more in line with a celebration of the complex layers of colour, form and emotional instinct.

By exploring the intersections and tensions of independent and collective practice (how to balance being an individual artist and fostering a collective) Fontanelle is embracing a broader need for maintaining an independent community that supports artists while simultaneously providing a space for making and connecting outwards.

Brigid Noone & Ben Leslie

We would like to acknowledge and thank our partner the Port Adelaide and Enfield City Council, Especially Mark Withers and Jane Marr, Fund My Idea, the incredible Tom & Kate from Driscoll Constructions, Travis Krieg, Robert Perugini, Glass By Day, Nick Linke, Elite Picture Framing, our families, friends, peers and all of the Fontanelle studio members and supporters. It goes without saying, we couldn’t do this without the loyal support and contribution of our third Fonty team member Mary-Jean Richardson. We love you Madge.

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