No Werds

No Werds


Anna Gore
eD Helmbold
Min Wong
Nathan Peacock

Opening Saturday 8th July
8/7/2017 – 30/7/2017

No Werds brings together our second batch of Fontanelle studio artists who all represent the ‘let the work do the talking’ ethos. That isn’t to suggest that these practices resist fervent unpacking via critique and ongoing rhetoric, but it can be noted that these various exercises in abstraction, material languages and complexity are, at first sight, resistant to the obvious ‘explained away’ fodder of the curatorial approach.

We welcome this quality as an antidote to the curatorially-heavy mode of operation where works are gathered to speak to an explainable theme: themes that coalesce into a production value fit for an eager public, searching for an overall discussion to take part in exhibitions as spectators and culture collectors. It is with joy and a sense of curiosity that we invite the public to draw their own connections between the works.

No-Werds_0002 No-Werds_0005 No-Werds_0006 No-Werds_0011 No-Werds_0015 No-Werds_0019 No-Werds_0021 No-Werds_0026 No-Werds_0030 No-Werds_0033 No-Werds_0038

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