Performative Encounters: Sasha Grbich

Performative Encounters: Sasha Grbich

19 July – 23 August 2015
Opening 6.00pm Sunday the 19th of July

Performative Encounters: making conversations with local worlds is the title of my masters research. This exhibition extends a written document, which in turn continues concerns from the exhibition. Over the last two years my research has considered the operation of art practices where art works are made contingently, locally and socially. Here the artwork event is built through iterative performances in which artist, matter and participants are variously approached as collaborators. Central to this process were acts of paying attention and methods that involved working closely with things and situations and were motivated by curiosity and care. A crucial method of this art making has been that of situating others and myself in positions of not knowing. I believe that the most compelling points in my research inhabit this fragile relation.

This is art practice undertaken through making conversations with my local world by experimenting with how I move through, use and inhabit it. I have considered my relation to land by collecting uncovered city soils in brief window between development and demolition. I continue to tend these soils and I have lived with them – watching and hoping for growth. I improvised performances with discarded things, listening to the world with an untunable violin and continuing a performance started by careful bottle placing members of the public. This research also considers the dominance of human agency in art making and following this fascination I recorded myself sleeping in park to welcome the unpredictability of making beyond my hand.

This exhibition includes live sound broadcasts, for details visit:

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