Political Emotions: An Artist-Curated collaborative project. Brigid Noone

Political Emotions: An Artist-Curated collaborative project. Brigid Noone

23/5/15 – 14/6/15
Opening Sunday the 31st May at 6pm

Political Emotions 2

Political Emotions is an artist-curated collaborative project featuring Kiki Kobylecki, Michelle Nikou, Mandi King, Ali Gumilya Baker, Mary-Jean Richardson, Marcin Kobylecki and Ben Leslie. The exhibition seeks to connect the ethos of my current research with broader ideals, through individual and collective ‘political emotions’, and will inform an ongoing exhibition project titled ‘Committed but not attached’.

The name of this show, ‘Political Emotions’, comes from the title of a book by Martha Nussbaum, Political Emotions’: Why love matters in Justice, a text that critiques the theories of political liberalism. Nussbaum engages core questions about the relationship between political stability and moral psychology (or emotions), proposing a theory of political love (and its affiliated emotions) and examines why emotion is integral for political stability. I was inspired by the book title and the ideas Nussbaum discusses, and have often felt a divide between politics and art, while noticing my own (and others’) emotional attachment to the personal events of our surrounding world.

Within ‘Political Emotions’, the exhibition, I’ve employed a direct, experimental model of combining my own individual practice as a visual artist, with the practice of others. I’ve embraced ‘painting in the expanded field’, and have experimented with the collaborative curatorial process of pairing up with the featured artists at a hands-on level, a model that tests out different modes of the artist and curator dynamic, through negotiation, conversation and experimentation. This will be the first ‘on the ground’ incarnation of this process, and I’ve intentionally shortened the lead up time to produce the work, embracing the gallery as a site of play and making. I’ve had to approach the selecting of artists and the installation of the works, via the position of curator, maker and collective leader. Perhaps approaching a show from the position of collaborative maker / curator, offers a more tender and emotionally connected facilitation, and highlights some of the more vulnerable shared experiences that exist between each artist and myself.

– Brigid Noone

  • Brigid Noone
  • Ben Leslie
  • Mary-Jean Richardson
  • Kiki Kobylecki
  • Michelle Nikou
  • Marcin Kobylecki
  • Mandi King
  • Ali Gumillya Baker


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