Salote Tawale : Weights and Measurements

Sydney College of the Arts, exhibtion, alumni, scholarship

Sydney College of the Arts, exhibtion, alumni, scholarship


Weights and Measurements is a performative installation work by Sydney based Artist Salote Tawale.

Salote Tawale was born in Suva, Fiji Islands and grew up in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Cultural identity is a central focus in her work. The inherent conflict of being from a mixed heritage (Fiji and Australia) that simultaneously includes, and excludes, Tawale from a dominant post-colonial Australia – is a significant consideration in her arts practice.
Intrinsically performative – employing photography, video, drawing, sculpture, installation and live actions Tawale re-forms and performs her identity and experience of a translocated Indigeneity, that is, removed from the land and separated from traditional practices, and consequently repositioned within immigrant histories.

Having exhibited within Australia and internationally, selected exhibitions include; Para Site Gallery (Hong Kong) St Pauls Gallery, Auckland (NZ), Indonesian Contemporary Art Network Yogyakarta (IE), and Campbelltown Art Centre.
Selected national and international publications include; Mapping South: Journeys in South-South Cultural Relations edited by Anthony Gardner; Art in Australia; Art Monthly, Australian Art Collector, and Canadian Art Magazine.
Having recently completed a residency at the Banff Centre in Alberta Canada Tawale is the recipient of the Inaugural 2017 NSW Visual Arts Mid-career/Established Fellowship.

This work brings together personal and collective histories from Fiji and Australia to explore indigeneity and nationality through the lens of diaspora Identity. Tawale brings together materials to explore differing values within societies; relationship to space and place as an immigrant, tourist, and colonised person.

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