Space Chickens help me make Apple Pie

Space Chickens help me make Apple Pie

September 23rd – October 28th 2012 | Opening on Sunday 23rd September 5 – 8pm
Matthew Bradley: Space Chickens help me make Apple Pie

We are excited to have Matthew Bradley exhibiting with us in the main space in October, Space Chickens help me make Apple pie is the product of a profound revelation the artist had underneath his apple tree as he peered over the fence at his neighbor’s chickens.

‘One day, a couple of months ago while out in my back yard, my neighbour told me that she just got some chickens. I stood on a pile of wood I’ve kept for ages but still have found no use for, to get a good view over the fence. Anna was telling me where the chickens came from and what their names are. As I stood there listening I remembered a few days earlier I had wanted to make an apple pie with the apples from the tree in my yard, before the Rainbow Lorikeets ate them all, but was short of an egg for the pastry. It occurred to me that perhaps I could make a chicken house for my neighbour’s chickens with the pile of unused timber I was standing on, in return for some eggs so I could make my apple pie.’ Matthew Bradley

Drawing on astronomy, the chicken/egg problem and a process of neighborly Relational aesthetics, Bradley will transform the main gallery into a site of discovery, exchange and absurd circular logic.

During the exhibition the artist will be in the gallery each day, baking Apple pies and tinkering with other backyard projects.

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Matthew Bradley Biography

Matthew Bradley’s sculptural and performative works are the result of an experimental and scientific approach to thinking and making. His work intertwines personal and historical mythologies as it moves through an intellectual terrain that reaches from ancient history to future Outer Space exploration. Along the way he grapples with big ideas such as the evolution of conciousness, the origins of the universe, the fatal attraction of the frontier and the faith humans place in technological advancement.

Recent group exhibitions include: This is what I do, Metro Arts, Brisbane, 2012 touring to CAST, Tasmania, 2012; Nothing like performance, Artspace, Sydney, 2011; Before and After Science: 2010 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia; Contemporary Australia: Optimism, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane 2008; World One minute, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2008 and Uneasy, Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide 2008. Recent solo exhibitions include: New vehicles and exploration, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide 2011 and Axle Mace, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, 2010. Bradley is represented by Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide.

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