‘The Natural’ An exhibition by Oscar Perry

‘The Natural’ An exhibition by Oscar Perry


19/5/17 – 25/6/17

I am the last Napoleonic soldier. It’s almost two hundred years later and I am still retreating from Moscow. The road is lined with white birch trees and the mud comes up to my knees. The one-eyed woman wants to sell me a chicken, and I don’t even have any clothes on. The Germans are going one way; I am going the other. The Russians are going still another way and waving good-by. I have a ceremonial saber. I use it to cut my hair, which is four feet long.

“I am the last…”
Charles Simic

Oscar Perry is a Melbourne based artist whose exhibitions combine painting, sculpture, video and performance. Emerging from a collision of slapstick comedy, dilettantism, popular culture and art history Perry’s work investigates contemporary narratives and the mapping of intersecting histories.

Happy End (Blood Plastic and DJ Les) 8ish onwards

A taste of the Happy End sound featuring a live Octatrack set by Blood Plastic and some invisible wax spinning by DJ Les. Happy End is a recently formed project focused squarely on techno, dancing and putting Port Adelaide on the electronic music map.

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